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Trym to Use Crop Streaming for Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Platform

Trym to Use Crop Streaming for Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Platform

Crop steering is turning the art of cultivating carrots or cannabis into a science. This method of carefully managing and modifying three variables: light, climate, and irrigation, has long been used by indoor growers to increase yields. Growers can push taller plants, bigger blooms, and faster growth rates if they modify their plants appropriately.

Today Crop steering statistics have been added to Trym’s seed-to-sale software package. With the inclusion of this new feature, Trym now provides growers with a comprehensive solution that follows a cannabis plant from seed to harvest while remaining compliant with Metric regulations. It does so while supplying precise information on its development via crop steering.

The crop steering feature in Trym is based on third-party hardware. Growlink and Trolmaster devices have APIs that feed data on the plant’s environmental conditions to Trym. Other crop steering solutions have typically required producers to utilize specific gear.

In addition to the current market focus given to crop steering, there is a major gap widening in this respective industry for software that combines crop steering capabilities with complete operational and compliance management tools,

says Karen Mayberry, Trym’s CMO and co-founder.

Trym’s solution is intended to provide commercial cannabis producers with detailed information about their operations. The platform seeks to replace the several applications and spreadsheets that growers often use to track their crops. In 2020, the firm secured a $3.1 million seed round after being formed in 2018.

Funds Raised

In September 2020, Trym successfully raised $3.1 million see to expand its software offering. Friends and relatives, as well as famous investors, contributed to Trym’s seed round. Friends and relatives contributed $1 million to the $3.1 million round. At the same time, 7thirty Capital and Delta Emerald Ventures co-led a $2.1 million preference round, with Welcan Capital, Arcview Collective Fund, and others participating. However, Trym mentioned this funding was oversubscribed.

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