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What is Nanoemulsified CBD?


Now that CBD is everywhere and people are using it for many health benefits, it’s time to keep an eye on all ongoing CBD related studies. One of the most commonly used terms is Nanoemulsified CBD. Nano CBD, nanoemuslified CBD, and Water-soluble CBD all are the terms used interchangeably. Nanoemulsified CBD is the CBD molecules which are broken in very small particles. These particles are coated with lipid carrier to stabilize and keep them suspended in the water.

CBD generally is water repellent which means that they don’t get dissolved in water, but once that CBD particles become small they act like a dissolved substance. There is evidence to support that nanoemulsion results in higher THC and CBD absorption.

Scientists have found that nanoparticles of CBD show different properties than what is usually observed in the macroscale world. The main difference lies in the increased surface area, which enhances the physical and chemical processes of the compound. At the ‘nano stage’ hydrophobic CBD molecules which usually do not dissolve in the water begin to act as water-soluble, making them easier to get absorbed in human bodies.

With what the studies are implying currently, we can say that nanotechnology is going to take over the CBD world very soon.


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