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What should you know about cannabis?

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Cannabis is a drug that is extracted from the plants – Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis
Indica. The main chemical compound in the plant is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Cannabis
makes your central nervous system calm and reduces the number of messages going between the
brain and the body. It can also produce hallucinogenic effects if taken in large quantities.

Cannabis is known with many names, and few of the popular ones are pot, hash, ganja, joint,
cones, hydro, smoke, and hooch. The plant has distinctive leaves with five or seven leaflets. The
upper leaves are covered with a sticky resin. Cannabis has a psychoactive compound THC which
makes you feel high.

Marijuana, Hashish, and hash oil are three main psychoactive forms of cannabis. Among all,
marijuana is the least potent form of cannabis; hashish is dried cannabis resin which has high
THC compound than marijuana, and hash oil is an oily liquid which is extracted from the plant
cannabis. Hash oil is the strongest of all.

The medicinal uses of cannabis are countless. It is found helpful in nausea, pain relief, relief in
muscle spasm, spinal cord injury, glaucoma, and many more.

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