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Agrozen Life Sciences Announces Launch of R&D Hemp Cultivation Center

Agrozen Life Sciences Announces Launch of R&D Hemp Cultivation Center

Leading premium distributor of CBD products Agrozen Life Sciences has launched a research and development cultivation center on Thursday to discover the top hemp genetics.

According to reports, the new facility is expected to carry out planned tests by offering various variables to secure the understanding of how hemp strains will react when it is put to vegetation, germination, or flowering stages.

Agrozen Life Sciences’ Midwest business team seeks to comprehend the advantages of natural compounds discovered in several plants that may include hemp. The team constantly strives to identify ways to enhance the quality of life for everyone.

Indiana based Agrozen Life Sciences is a renowned licensed hemp grower and processor. It primarily explores the hemp industry and invests its efforts in discovering the best hemp genetics for top-quality CBD products.

As of now, it seeks to use developed plants for the purpose of testing to finalize cannabinoid profiles on HPLC lab equipment.

Austin Schroeder, Co-founder, and VP of Operations said, the company’s latest R&D Cultivation Center in Carmel permits us to test several hemp strains, lights, nutrients, soils to find out the most effective genetics for cloning and reproduction of phenotypes chosen.

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