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Eaze Takes Stern Measures to Prevent Further Spread of Coronavirus

Fight Against Spread of Coronavirus

As coronavirus continues to spread all across the globe and some cases getting reported across California, Eaze is leaving no stone unturned to ensure maximum safety for customers, workers, and communities.

Meanwhile, officials in the US have already resorted to some of the sternest measures to stop further spread of this lethal virus that has posed a severe threat to some nations.

According to a report issued by Eaze, clear policies have been communicated to retail drivers and employee considering their own safety and customers’ health. The major goal of Eaze, for now, is to ensure everyone’s well-being throughout this situation.

Eaze is a renowned American company that is located in San Francisco, California. It introduced a medical cannabis delivery app of the same name in the year 2014.

What has Eaze been doing to contain the deadly coronavirus?

The company has issued strict safeguards for customers and drivers. Eaze has asked its retail partners who hire all drivers to clean their hand-held phones and terminals after every transaction in a bid to boost everyone’s protection. It has asked them not to touch or exchange IDs during ID verification checks. The employees will be required to wash their hands at regular intervals all across the day to enhance their safety and customers’ safety.

As a precautionary step, Eaze has also asked the drivers to wear their biodegradable latex or nitrile gloves to reduce face-touching.

It has also barred the employees with symptoms of cough, fever, sneezing, or a combination of these diseases from working.

Eaze has ensured to send back employees their home in case they begin to feel ill or become symptomatic during their working hours. These measures also include regularly cleaning the often touched surfaces that drivers come in contact with as part of their jobs that may include workstations, countertops, and doorknobs, among others.

How is coronavirus affecting the cannabis & marijuana market?

The coronavirus outbreak has impacted the cannabis and marijuana market as it has witnessed lower sales. Some people are not stepping out to buy marijuana now as a result of the virus threat looming large on everyone. Individuals have been advised to keep at least one month’s stock of medical marijuana in case some emergency arises. The outbreak has also affected big events and gatherings also.

Now TheBulldog Amsterdam has also decided to close all its locations in accordance with government measures against COVID-19.

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