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Cresco Labs Responds in Blog Post Over Covid-19

Cresco Labs responce over COVID-19

Through these tough times, when all the public and private organizations are taking up best of the measures to thwart the downturn that coronavirus is causing, Cresco Labs is gearing up for the welfare of its people in its own way.

The firm recently posted a blog that appealed to people about its continuous measures to protect the health of its employees, patients, users as well as the communities.

The company stated that they have a special team set up for monitoring the emergency situations and is equipped to take preventive precautions with an intent to maintain a healthy working environment in the premises.

Its goal will be to keep up the production activities. It writes,

Our goal is to maintain production, distribution, and access to the trusted medical and recreational cannabis products that our customers rely on every day. First and foremost, we take the health of our employees and communities seriously. We have instituted tele-working for the majority of our corporate office staff, put in place an employee travel ban, and activated extra measures at all of our facilities focusing on safety, sanitation, employee shift scheduling, and social distancing.

It also announced throughout the blogpost that it is bringing onboard certain protocols that can alleviate virus spreading, such as online pre-ordering, delivery, text notifications, etc. to lower the wait time for patient interaction with the general public. It says that its retail groups are also taking precautions with sanitizers and disinfectants on the surfaces that are frequently touched hour after hour.

It mentioned that their retail stores all over the country should be open to serve the wellness needs of the customers. They say that in order to keep up the supply for their regular cannabis customers who use cannabis as prescription medicine, they take complete obligation in providing them.

The colony writes that it will make each accommodation possible legally to offer convenient access to help mitigate the spreading risk of this virus.

It assures people of its commitment of doing the best they can to offer a healthy place to work for their employees as well as communities for a secure experience of shopping. It will continue to work closely with their partners, the authorities of health, local officials, etc. to provide consistent updates on the dynamics of current circumstances.

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