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ASA Insists Stakeholders to Enhance Access Network of Medical Cannabis

ASA Tries to Enhance Access Network of Medical Cannabis

The notable organization, Americans for Safe Access or ASA has handed out a letter to drive the attention of the governors and directors of the state medical cannabis program towards the growing requirement of medical cannabis in the current threatful situation created by the spread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

In its letter, the entity has urged the authorities to channelize quick actions to ensure continuous access to medical cannabis for the patients without an interruption in the supply chain. ASA held a meeting with the stakeholders to address the issues faced by the patients and business institutions concerning access to medical cannabis in different parts of the country. The entity is keen to aid the people in battling out the coronavirus and avoiding the rise of panicky situations in the region.

The key points taken into consideration during the meeting of ASA and the stakeholders include:

  • Recognition of cannabis business that caters to the requirements of the patients as “essential” business.
  • Tax relief to be given to patients and businesses.
  • Proper guidance to the medical cannabis businesses on the implementation of temporary legal changes in business plans, including delivery and purchase bar to aid maximum people during the crisis.
  • Continuous opening of cultivation and processing centers to ensure medicine supply in the future.
  • Allow authorized caregivers to serve more patients during dire situations.
  • Facilitate telehealth visits for new and renewing medical cannabis patients.
  • Authorize dispensaries to give medical cannabis to patients and caregivers in a vehicle parked in its parking lot.
  • Extension of state-issued cannabis identification cards to allow the doctors to focus on the corona outbreak.

In light of the current state of COVID-19 and the CDC’s actions, Americans for Safe Access has been monitoring the situation to make sure that medical cannabis patients are not forgotten,

stated Steph Sherer, Founder and President, ASA.

Multiple states have started taking actions to help patients in getting access to medicine through various strategies. In Pennsylvania, the dispensaries providing medical marijuana will remain open throughout as they fall into the category of pharmacies, making them essential. Leading dispensary chain, Eaze has announced that it shall kickstart its operations in San Francisco. The California Bureau of Cannabis Control has collaborated with CA businesses to cater to the requirements of the people in the best possible manner. Also, the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance is triggering the State of Massachusetts to enhance access opportunities for the patients and caregivers.

The health and safety of patients, dispensary staff, and the community as a whole is our priority and we hope that Governors and state regulators will allow some important flexibility for medical cannabis patients during this time of need,

quoted Debbie Churgai, the Interim Director, ASA.

ASA works in collaboration with local, state, and federal legislators to draft out policies that boost access to medical cannabis for both patients and researchers. It boasts of more than 100,000 active members across the U.S. Formed in 2002, ASA has its headquarter office in Washington, D.C.

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