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Headset’s New Platform to Give Updates on Coronavirus’ Impact on Cannabis Market

Headset Launches Platform for Coronavirus’ Impact on Cannabis Market

As the world fights what is known to have been the most contagious virus epidemic, businesses are getting affected, productivities are hitting all-time lows and recession is on its way.

In such hard times, organizations are taking appropriate measures to handle the situation in their own ways. The cannabis industry has also hit a blow, given the low availability of labor and resource scarcity.

It becomes important for one and all to be informed of the details regarding the outages, the demand and supply gaps, and other economical reports to watch for their businesses.

Headset is one of these firms that is helping the cannabis industry stay alive in these pressing times with its data capabilities. Headset plans on one of the first platforms for real-time user data analytics and market data analytics for the stalwarts in the cannabis industry. It offers a repository of authentic data that can be transformed for business use by the Cannabis manufacturing firms. And during the current situation, the firm is prepping up to provide the industry with the most prudent data sets that can be utilized for the improved prognosis of the Cannabis Industry.

The company’s platform, called Insights Pulse, can be used to leverage the industry’s leading data set and market intelligence today.

In a recent tweet, the company writes,

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, affecting businesses along the way, we are all watching for information on how this pandemic will impact our organizations.

Continues the tweet,

At Headset our mission is to help cannabis operators succeed through data, and we are in a unique position to share as much information as possible to all of the frontline operators in our industry as soon as we uncover it on a daily basis. Please be well and stay safe – the entire Headset staff.

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