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Isracann Biosciences Inc. Reveals “Project Characterization” is Moving Ahead on Schedule

Isracann Biosciences Inc. Reveals "Project Characterization" is Moving Ahead on Schedule

Leading Israel-based cannabis firm Isracann Biosciences Inc. has received its phase one project profile report. The project profile report specifies clearly that the “project characterization” is moving ahead and will comfortably meet the scheduled target.

It is worth noting that earlier this year, Isracann Biosciences had hired the services of LinC, cannabis-specific arm of Growing Smart Ltd., to deliver a roadmap of the project characterization for the effective development of its planned 2,30,000 sq. ft. purpose-built production facility.

Isracann is an Israel-based first of its kind pure-play cannabis firm. It strives to emerge as the country’s premier and low-cost cannabis producer. It has plans to cater to domestic and European markets.

When it comes to project characterization, it has emerged as the vast and in-depth comprehensive document that will assess particular site’s climatic situations minutely from all perspectives. While assessing, various things will be considered, such as daily sun hours, average day and night temperatures with mention of high and low, daily humidity level, and level of UV or ultraviolet index.

After amassing all this vital information, project characterization’s efforts will be channelized towards deciding necessary greenhouse environmental controls and various tools to introduce dehumidification, shading screens, active heating, air circulation, cooling, and CO2 enhancement.

Meanwhile, LinC has already carved its identity as a leading agriculture management firm with massive experience and knowledge in the growing cannabis sector in Israel. It has achieved specialization in delivering effective project management and agronomic solutions to specific cannabis sector projects. As of now, it has been managing a total of 12 cannabis projects all across the globe.

Darryl Jones, Isracann Biosciences Inc. CEO said field studies are currently going on that may include water, soil, and atmosphere sampling. LinC’s team is thoroughly proficient, and soon after obtaining their thorough report, we will take up several decisions. LinC’s team report is likely to impact almost all the areas of Isracann’s early progress phase right from construction and correct orientation of facilities to irrigation, drainage system, electrical, sewage, waste management, humidity, Ultra Violet concentration, essential plant nutrition, pest control, and disease control techniques. We have got our facilities custom-designed to enhance productivity. Project characterization will pave the way for the strategic commercialization of economical and top-grade cannabis.

Meanwhile, Isracann is expected to get a gradual and thorough assessment of the project along with the development of essential information concerning vital details of the project implementation strategy and the allocation of resources to the project.

A thorough analysis is presently underway that may include important information about internal and external environmental factors to secure vital detail for the effective allocation of organizational resources and assign suitable leadership accordingly.

LinC has been preoccupied with offering useful inputs that Isracann Biosciences will implement without any delay, added Darryl Jones.

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