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Lakeshore Allows Retail Cannabis in the Town

Lakeshore Allows Retail Cannabis in the Town

The Lakeshore council has denied its decision taken in December 2018. It allows pot shops or retail cannabis in the town and enables marijuana pot shops or retail cannabis in the city.

Lakeshore organized an online survey. Many residents of the town voted in favor of the sale of legalized marijuana in the city.

According to the councilor, Steve Wilder, the decision to legalize cannabis in the town should have been taken a year ago. They neglected money offered by the government and developed a fund for helping out the municipalities offset the implementing costs. They got a fund of $70,000 in support, and now, they have missed an opportunity. No funding is available to help with implementation costs.

He continued that Lakeshore will get streamline when new funding is available to it. Now, they are in the queue and open for business. They do not appear in the path of business anymore due to fears. Now, finally, the doors are open and get the way they were looking ahead.

According to Wilder, the residents of Lakeshore are asking for cannabis in their town. The community supports the adoption of marijuana, and they have a right to comment on this topic. They got 142 positive responses from the survey. Lakeshore has opted for it, but it does not mean that the entire town will open the retail store. Only the local municipality got a license to the City of Windsor, where there is no legal pot shop.

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