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Willow Industries Opens the First Non-extraction Cannabis Remediation Facility in California

Willow Industries Opens the First Non-extraction Cannabis Remediation Facility in California

On December 9, 2019, the leading industry in cannabis decontamination technology, Willow Industries, declared the inauguration of the first non-extraction cannabis remediation facility in Watsonville, California. This facility started on October 7, 2019. In California, the centralized WillowPure Processing Center will provide a cannabis cleaning process to the licensed cultivators of cannabis.

Willow Industries is bringing up the process for the decontamination of cannabis. The cultivators are forced to give remediation of their harvests. They get negative results in microbial testing. They are focusing on providing preventive treatment in their harvesting process.

The founder and CEO of Willow Industries, Jill Ellsworth, said that their team had constructed the cannabis remediation facility to help cultivators facing contamination issues in the industry. This facility will help in preserving the profits of the cannabis growers as well as ensure consumers with safe products.

The WillowPure Processing Center will open in some time. Till then, the decontaminated harvested product needs to process the cannabis flower into a concentrate that is sold with a fraction value of the flower. There is another option that if the harvests failed in the testing process, then it should be destroyed.

According to the California tests, many microbial contaminants are found in cannabis. It includes four different strains of Aspergillus, which can cause harmful infections if inhaled by a consumer with a weak immune system.

The WillowPure system helps in maintaining the medicinal and chemical properties of cannabis by an ozone decontamination process. It helps in minimizing the microbial. It is a two-step process during the harvesting process. Earlier, the system used a microbial kill-step in the production process to maintain the pass-rate of the harvests in the initial stage. If it is not used as a kill-step, then the system will remediate the cannabis flower, which was a reason to fail initial microbial testing.

Willow partners with a leading cultivator and manufacturer of cannabis in California, Strong Agronomy, and construct the facility. The board member and MD of Advance Ventures of Willow Industries, Ephraim Lindenbaum, said that Willow is offering a safety solution for the cannabis industry and hence, breaking a record.

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) asks for a remediation plan from the cannabis growers when their harvest fails in initial microbial testing. Now, the cultivators can send their product to the WillowPure processing center, and then, after getting their harvests cleaned, they can go for the final testing. Willow will also provide a remediation plan and helps in scheduling transportation, and streamline the entire process for the cultivators and facility managers.

An ENT and nasal-sinus surgeon, Dr. Ramie Tritt, said that there is a massive danger in vaping. There is a need for clean and non-contaminated cannabis flowers and oil for the consumers. Willow Industries is providing safety solutions for the cannabis industry. Now, cultivators can use the cannabis-cleaning technology by WillowPure Processing Center that helps for the cannabis industry as well as cannabis consumers.

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