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Maryland to Come Up With New Regulations for Cannabis Edibles

Maryland to Come Up With New Regulations for Cannabis Edibles

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is all set to finalize the new regulations for the sale of Cannabis edibles earlier next week. A few years ago, when Maryland made it to the Marijuana Industry, the existing laws did not allow the sale of Cannabis edibles openly. This prohibition of the sale of marijuana edibles is going to be eliminated and a bill has been passed regarding this in the General Assembly. This will allow Cannabis edibles to be sold in dispensaries and it will be regulated by the Medical Cannabis Commission.

The policy committee of the commission unanimously approved the rules regarding the sale of Cannabis edibles but the rules would be strictly regulated without leaving any loopholes. As per the regulations, approved by the Maryland Commission, the cannabis edibles should have to be sold in plain and opaque packages that are tamper-proof and child-resistant. Graphics or cartoons in any form are prohibited to be used in the packages and it should not in any way appeal to children or resemble any commercially sold foods. Only geometric shapes can be used for the edibles that should not in any way appeal to minors or children. This is to make sure that the safety of the minors is not compromised in any case whatsoever. All the regulations pertain to keep the packaging, flavor, labeling, marketing, and appearance of the cannabis edibles out of the reach of children and minors.

Previously, Maryland had banned all kinds of cannabis-infused foods under its medical cannabis program. The previous laws did not allow the Marylanders to purchase cannabis-infused edibles. However, the patients under the gray layer of the regulations could legally purchase tinctures, tablets, drinks, and powders in specific dosages. This has led the dispensary sales in Maryland to reach $68 million last year until the bill for legalizing the sale of cannabis foods was passed in April this year.

However, the dosing caps of cannabis edibles rose concern. It is not possible to consume multiple doses because of the underlying medical conditions of the patients and also buying multiple packages of small dosages becomes costly for patients. Therefore, edible products are limited to 10 milligrams of THC per serving and 100 milligrams of THC per package respectively. In connection to this, the acting executive director of the commission, William C. Tilburg, said,

This has been about a six-month process that has led us to where we are today with what I think is the most comprehensive edible cannabis products regulatory framework within the country. A limit on the dosages for edible cannabis products came as a result of advice from regulators in other states, where some have seen a spike in calls to poison control centres when adults or children inadvertently consume edibles.

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