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Marijuana Dispensary in Louisiana Sells Over-the-Counter CBD Products

Louisiana’s Medical Marijuana Grower Offers CBD Products

Medical marijuana is an emerging industry and to get into the momentum of this ever-growing industry, Ilera Holistic Healthcare, the second-largest medical marijuana grower in Louisiana, has started selling CBD products at the marijuana dispensaries (except in Monroe), long before it has started selling therapeutic cannabis. Four types of CBD tincture bottles are priced between $40 and $80.

The license for selling CBD products by Ilera came very easily because of the fact that the products that Ilers sell contain less than 0.3% of the THC (an active marijuana ingredient) and, therefore, will not render the users high on addiction. Since its commencement to sell over-the-counter CBD products, Ilera is facing competition from another company named Wellcana, but the THC content in their CBD products is higher than 0.3% and therefore are getting less popularity.

Ilera Holistic Healthcare grows medical marijuana in collaboration with Southern University and it has around 2300 cannabis plants growing at the Baker site. However, the company is still not sure when it can start selling medical marijuana. To this, the Ilera CEO, Chanda Macias, assured that it could be “anytime soon.” The marijuana program by Southern University got stuck in the very beginning. It was not until 2018, when Ilera bought the majority stake of the company, that the program got a little momentum.

CBD or Cannabidiol, derived from hemp, is a natural remedy for common ailments discovered in 1940. It generally comes in a tincture bottle with a dropper and accounts for at least 40% of cannabis plant extracts.

To advertise for the new CBD products at the New Orleans H & W Drug Store, an event is scheduled on Tuesday by the officials of Ilera and Southern.

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