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Petition Filed in New Mexico to Help Pets Alleviate Sufferings Using Medical Marijuana

Petition seeks medical marijuana for ailing household pets

Medical marijuana is gaining significance all across the globe for its several far-reaching benefits. And, now it is no more left for human beings. Whether the dog is suffering from inflammation or the furry cat is facing the problem of arthritis, medical marijuana offers a solution for all these problems. A large number of people are viewing marijuana as an alternative medication to bring down the sufferings of their pets.

In the long list of countries, now New Mexico is mulling options to extend the medical marijuana program to pets suffering from ailments like epilepsy and people facing issues with attention deficit disorder.

Recently, petitions for the latest qualifying medical situations have just been submitted with the country’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Board for the yet to be held meeting that is slated to take place in December.

However, the Health Department has refrained from divulging the names of the petition sponsors.

One of the petitions highlighted a few recently carried out studies in veterinary medicine to propose approval of medical marijuana for pets suffering from seizures.

Meanwhile, cannabidiol extracted from marijuana has been extensively advertised for pets.

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