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Toronto Based Company Comes Up With Biometrically Locked Device to Store Cannabis

Biometrically Locked Device for Cannabis

A Toronto based company named KEEP has come up with a new biometrically locked device which they describe as, “the first connected storage and security device,” to stash the expensive recreational Cannabis. The company claims this to be an innovative solution when hiding this expensive commodity under the bed or in any other secret place or even storing them in Ziploc bags do not work.

The biometrically locked device, also known as KEEP (named after the company), is connected with an app that can be installed in the users’ smartphones to keep a check on the device, whether it is working properly or not. Therefore, the users can effectively control the access to their cannabis supplies by the security features installed in their smartphones which may be either a password or thumb impression or even facial recognition.

This new app-based device has astounding features to store Cannabis in the most secure way. It is bestowed with features like a thermometer and hermetic seal to measure temperature and humidity so that you don’t need to worry about the preservation of the cannabis, and the app takes care of it. The device also comes with LED lights in the trays so that it can even be accessed in the middle of the night without switching on the lights of the room and disturbing others when you need a smoke.

This new device with a storing capacity up to 28 grams will be available for sale from March 2020 at a price of $300 Canadian, which is approximately $226 US for the Canadian and US markets. However, licensed Canadian producers can also sell it. The users can also log in to the company’s website, to get this amazing device.

Philip Wilkins, the co-founder of KEEP, said in an interview about this recent move,

We really wanted to leverage the innovation happening with consumer electronic and apply it to cannabis because it’s the maturation of the cannabis market.

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