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Cherokee Nation to Study Hemp and Cannabis Industry in Oklahoma

Cherokee Nation to Study Hemp and Cannabis Industry in Oklahoma

The mushrooming of hemp and marijuana industries in Oklahoma has become a matter of concern for the authorities. The Cherokee Nation is planning on forming a workgroup to study the unusual rate of increase in the size of this sector in this particular area and the scope for the natives to make an earning from this.

Cherokee Nation is the largest Native American tribe in the whole of the United States; they are based in Tahlequah. The announcement for the setup of the seven-member working group came this week from Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. A report from the committee is expected to come by the end of May.

Hoskin said that

I believe there are opportunities for the Cherokee Nation, our businesses and our citizens to benefit from this emerging industry. But, we need to move forward carefully and responsibly and in absolute strict adherence to the law in order to ensure success and sustainability.

The committee will be studying the prospect for the tribes and its citizens to participate in growing, processing, and selling hemp and cannabis among other issues related to this industry. The group will also be studying the role of medical cannabis in the health services system of the nation.

The present Cherokee law bars the use or possession of marijuana on properties owned by the tribal. However, the tribe has recently made amendments to its workplace drug use policy to protect the best interests of the employees possessing a marijuana patient license.

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