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First Clinic Offering Cannabis-based Treatment Opens in Central Thailand

Cannabis Clinic in Thailand

The acceptance of cannabis is on the upsurge all over the globe. Many nations have legalized the use of hemp for pharmaceutical purposes. One such country is Thailand, where the first clinic has recently been opened, offering cannabis oil as a treatment option. The newly opened clinic is located in the central province of Ang Thong.

Prapon Tangsrikertikul, Public Health Minister of Thailand, attended the opening event. Regarding the treatment, the minister stated that as of now, two illnesses that qualify for the treatment are the final stages of cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Notably, cannabis-based treatment will be recommended when conventional treatments prove ineffective. Besides, the clinic is one of 32 facilities that provide hemp-based treatment for patients under severe medical supervision.

Prapon Tangsrikertikul went on to add that the recommendation by medical personnel will need regular evaluation and follow-up after the patients receive cannabis oil. The authorities are also going to set guidelines for patients who have adverse symptoms after consulting with physicians and nurses from the emergency room.

The newly opened clinic is located on the 2nd floor of the outpatient administration building at Ang Thong Hospital. It will take admissions on the third Thursday of each month between 1 pm to 4.30 pm.

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