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How to vape cannabis for beginners?

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Vaporizers or the vape pen are the recent trends in cannabis consumption. Vaporizing
is the least harmful way to inhale cannabis. Although many sources state that vaporizing is
healthier than smoking, inhaling even the vapor is not healthy.

Vaporizers heat the plant material and turn it to vapor. That vapor then rises and is inhaled
through the mouthpiece of the vape pen. Some vaporizers work differently and heat the air below
the plant material. This hot air rises through the weed and releases the CBD, THC, and
cannabinoids along with it. Others vaporize the weed by directly heating it through a heated
surface like chamber or plate.

Stationary vaporizers are the big vaporizer which requires a power outlet. They are placed on a
table or a flat surface. They can have a small hose or a plastic balloon. The hose let the inhaler to
inhale the vapour directly while the balloon automatically inflates letting the user inhale from it.
Vaping the weed requires you to put the weed in the chamber where it gets heated, then plug in
the vaporizer and choose the right temperature. After a minute or two, you can start dragging the
vapour in.

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