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The Local Vape Stores Respond to Failed 2020 Bills

Local Vape Shops Gets Affected by Failed 2020 Bills

The incidents of hospitalizations and deaths with links to Vaping have doomed the media for the past couple of years. But state bills for the prohibition of the sales of certain vape products were sort of thrown out by the senate of Virginia state.

The assistant manager of Element Vapors, Joey Bolton, in Harrisonburg, spoke that the bills were to penalize and punish legitimate businesses as well as customers who indulged in vaping or trading of vape products. They didn’t have any right measures to do anything for the younger generations and prevent them from buying the products.

According to Bolton, a maximum number of products that were traded at Element Vapors were flavored products containing tobacco.

He said,

We want to keep this stuff out of the hands of kids as much as possible. We want to make sure that the people who are using these devices are safe and the ultimate goal is that they quit smoking [cigarettes].

Two of the bills that banned the trading of the flavored products of tobacco were formulated, yet there was delay lead by the committee’s vote to the year 2021 for the implementation of the bill. He even said that the absence of vaping products from the departmental stores could mean a problem for the vape industry.

Bolton also emphasized the frustration that accompanies the pressure that the vaping industry faces almost all through the year. He even stressed that the products from Element Vapors were not the ones causing health issues for the consumers. He said it was the products with the wrong ingredients and composition that were making the people sick. He spoke that drinking was another issue that persists among the teens and underage people; still, there are no feasible prohibitions made on the trading of flavored beers or liquor.

Bolton said that

You can go get a coconut drink but can’t get a coconut vape? I think the law change for the 21 and up law and taking these products out of gas stations was a really good move because it does place a little more responsibility on us.

Although Bolton is not in favor of banning flavored drug products, he insists on the right laws to be put in place to help prevent vaping in youngsters and teens. He spoke that through the upcoming year, the use of vaping and vape products would decrease amongst teens. He wishes that lawmakers identify the appropriate statistics and take actions that bring a change.

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