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Missouri Tries to Start Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Missouri Tries to Start Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Missouri has come up with a new petition drive in an attempt to legalize recreational marijuana. “Missourians for a New Approach” has started an innovative move wherein the group is collecting signatures from people to include the recreational Use for Marijuana for Adults in the upcoming November 2020 ballot.

Missourians Campaign manager for the New Approach and New Approach Missouri former campaign manager, John Payne who had helped medical marijuana pass in 2018 said,

Eleven other states, including our neighbors in Illinois, have successfully regulated and taxed adult-use marijuana, bringing millions in new funding for state services. Missourians are strongly in favor of legalizing, taxing, and regulating adult marijuana use and we are excited to give voters this opportunity in November.

An association is known as “Missourians for a New Approach” is taking forward this initiative. Moreover, it comprises several of the same groups that approved a constitutional amendment for legalizing medical marijuana in the year 2018, that won the approval of 66 percent.

Furthermore, this group is collecting signatures to place this issue of Marijuana use for adults on the 2020 November ballot. They further remarked that this effort has been supported by the backers who had helped to pass the medical marijuana constitutional amendment in the year 2108.

Moreover, this initiative expects to generate 93 million dollars towards 155 million dollars in tax revenue by 2025 for the state, with an extra 17 million dollars towards 27 million dollars yearly for local governments.

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