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Surging Demand for Recreational Marijuana Leads to Poor Supply in Chicago Dispensaries

Surging Demand for Recreational Marijuana

The rising demand for recreational marijuana caused a supply deficit in Illinois yesterday. Retailers have been facing supply issues soon after recreational marijuana has been legalized.

According to reports, approximately 5 Chicago dispensaries will remain closed for customers on Monday as they witnessed a sharp spike in demand.

Soon after the legalization of recreational marijuana, some shops have decided to serve only medical marijuana patients. Customers are eagerly looking forward to more such shops to meet their rising demand as there has been a scarcity of recreational marijuana following high demand.

Earlier on Sunday, as the recreational marijuana’s stock got sold out in minutes, Midway Dispensary had to turn away the customers looking to buy the product. Midway Dispensary had already run out of stock on Saturday.

Neal McQueney, an owner of Midway Dispensary, said,

We exceeded our expectations about how much stuff we had, and the number of purchasers we were allowed to service, so that was a good thing.

In terms of availability of recreational marijuana’s stock, dispensary 33 in Uptown also faced a similar fate as Midway Dispensary and it will only get the stock back until the middle of next week.

As of now, Midway Dispensary claimed that they would be able to serve medical marijuana users until January 10.

Meanwhile, THC dispensary has already cleared its intention and said that its main priority is to serve the medical patients. The dispensary’s supplies of recreational marijuana have been hit on Sunday, and it believes that it will get the product back by Monday morning.

Previously, Illinois generated a massive $3.2 million in sales of recreational marijuana on New Year’s Day.

Illinois’ Sunnyside Dispensaries will not work on Monday in order to give their staff an off as they were working 14 hours a day for 5 days consecutively.

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