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WEEDC Turned Down Grant to Cannabis Supplies Shop; Amherstburg Councillor Urged for Change in Policy

WEEDC Turned Down Grant to Cannabis Supplies Shop; Amherstburg Councillor Urged for Change in Policy

Patricia Simone, Councilor of Amherstburg, has called out for a change in policy at the Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation (WEEDC). Giving the reason for her demand, Patricia, states that a shop has recently been turned down for grant help because it sells cannabis-based products.

Stating the fact that cannabis is now legal, Simone says a hemp shop selling cannabis supplies should be treated similar to any other business. Further urging WEEDC to reconsider its policies, she goes on to add that the revised policy should consider all small businesses that want to grow. “It’s a viable business, and I think they need to look at assisting all businesses to grow and succeed,” said Amherstburg councilor.

Notably, people’s perspective is changing rapidly regarding cannabis, and government policies need to catch up with the times. Earlier, individuals had tried to get in touch with WEEDC for the approval of a $5,000 grant that it offers to new businesses $5,000 through its Small Business Centre. However, they were rejected as WEEDC didn’t recognize the cannabis industry as a viable industry.

Interestingly, Amherstburg council has agreed to write a petition urging the Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation to make amendments to its grant policy. Afterward, Simone assured that the petition seeks fairness regarding doing business. Any firm that needs assistance should get a fair chance to grow on its merit, not on what it sells or produces.

WEEDC, I believe, should help all industries. Cannabis is legal, and it’s something that should be looked at within their organization in helping all businesses,

stated Patricia Simone.

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