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AusCann Partners With Aspen Pharmacare for GMP Packaging Services

AusCann Partners With Aspen Pharmacare for GMP Packaging Services

The renowned Pharmaceutical Cannabis company AusCann partnered with Aspen Pharmacare Australia to provide packaging services to its medical hemp products. The tie-up is aimed to reduce the risk of any damage that may cost-effectively occur in transit and ensure quality compliance. As of now, the agreement between these two firms is for a period of three-years. However, it is expected to extend further and will include GMP packaging for AusCann capsules.

AusCann’s CEO, Ido Kanyon, stated that the company is looking out for pharmaceutical-grade Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) packaging, and the appointment of Aspen is a strategic move in achieving that. “AusCann has established capabilities and partnerships with leading service providers across the full medicinal cannabis supply chain,” Ido added. He went on to state that the collaboration will allow us to focus our capital in the areas where we can deliver the best sustainable value for our shareholders.

As per the contract, PCI Pharma, AusCann’s manufacturing partner, will develop the capsules and will be packaged by Aspen at its Australian facility. Notably, Aspen Pharmacare (Australia) is a subordinate company of Aspen Pharmacy Holdings, which is the largest listed pharmaceutical company in South Africa.

AusCann is an Australian-based pharmaceutical company working in the field of producing and distributing hemp-based medicines. It is changing the way medicinal cannabis is used in the market by developing dose-controlled products. Besides, it provides facilities like monitoring treatment results and adjusting of treatment algorithms in the later stage of healthcare for better recovery of patients.

Aspen Pharmacy has its presence in over 56 countries. It is a global supplier of generic medical products to more than 150 countries. On top of that, the firm has been licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Australia, and the EU Directorate for the Quality of Medicines.

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