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Cancer Society Official Shares Thoughts on Ban on Certain Flavored e-cigarettes

Cancer Society Official Shares Thoughts on Ban on Certain Flavored e-cigarettes

With 7 billion dollars in yearly sales, E-cigarettes and vaping devices have become an essential part of daily life for many Americans. Youngster’s use has gone high with the multiplication of flavors targeting adolescents, like Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum and Zombie Blood. Moreover, about 1,300 individuals have been sickened by strange vaping-related lung disease this year.

Recently, there has been New York’s emergency ban on certain flavored vaping products. A State Supreme Court justice was saying that “the state had overstepped its authority in regulating the Vape industry.”

Further, organizations had protested that a full ban on flavored e-cigarettes would put several thousands of Vape shops out of business, and punish grown-ups who had changed to e-cigarettes from smoking.

As indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week, there have been 57 vaping related deaths, which are confirmed in the United States and over 2,600 individuals have been hospitalized for lung injuries.

The regional senior media advocacy director, Marc Kaplan, with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network says that,

23,000 New Yorkers are going to die this year because they use tobacco products and we all know that flavors hook kids.

With regards to a ruling, the American Heart Association is connecting with 38 other public health groups to call for quick passage of two pieces of legislation, to remove the sale of all flavored tobacco items, which includes mint and menthol.

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