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Government Inslee Brings Onboard Some Fresh Restrictions Over Vaping Products

Government Inslee Brings Onboard Some Fresh Restrictions Over Vaping Products

Jay Inslee, the Washington State Governor, has recently initiated legislation to tighten the limitations on vaping and vaping products across Washington state.

This decision arrives almost three months following the ban on Vitamin E acetate by the state Health Department. It was considered by the Disease Control Centers to be the catalyst of all the vaping induced diseases throughout the U.S. According to some reports; it has already caused around 57 deaths till now.

A minimum of 23 cases of these deaths is confirmed by the Washington state itself. This ultimately led to a temporary ban in October of 2019, overall flavored vaping products in order to prevent and reduce the influence on the younger generation that smokes.

We are experiencing a very serious health crisis — it doesn’t have to be this way,” said government Jay Inslee during some earlier bans over the flavored products.

Earlier it was confirmed by the American Lung Association that “e-cigarettes are not safe,” whereas it was opinionated by the American Cancer Society that they are “likely to be significantly less harmful for adults than smoking regular cigarettes.”

The bill initiated by Inslee will convert the 120-day temporary ban over the vaping products into an affair that is permanent, at least for now.

The recommendation of the Governor consists of measures to prohibit all flavored vaping products permanently throughout the state. It also proposes to restrict the nicotine content or the quantity of it that these vaping products can include. Along with this, it also aims to strengthen the manufacturing as well as disclosure requirements of these ingredients while also limiting the ways these products can be marketed.

The legislation said,

Research consistently shows that flavors and associated advertising contribute to the appeal, initiation, and use of tobacco products, including vapor products, particularly among adolescents and young adults.

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