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Hempavida Rolled Out New Range of Hemp CBD Base Wellness Product in Miami

Hempavida Rolled Out New Range of Hemp CBD Base Wellness Product in Miami

HEMPAVIDA, beauty and skin care lifestyle brand, has recently launched its first CBD Hemp + Wellness range of products at Art Basel in Miami, Florida. There has been an increase in the demands of cannabis-based products in the market, keeping that in consideration, the company has come up with a series of “symptom-specific” wellness products.

As per HEMPAVIDA, these medical products are blended with powerful natural ingredients and are well suited to target diseases like insomnia, anxiety, stress, mood stability, arthritis, sleeplessness and overall well-being. The latest collection by HEMPAVIDA interacts with tracks or pathways in the body to deliver health benefits. However, it doesn’t affect brain receptors & nervous system which ultimately prevents a psychoactive effect i.e., getting high.

Unlike marijuana with THC that causes a psychoactive effect, there has been an increase in demand for pure hemp CBD. “It’s not just the mg dosage that makes a hemp CBD-related product effective,” said Kelly Yocum, CEO of HEMPAVIDA adding that the right blend of “natural ingredients to target specific symptoms is a highly-effective way to dip your toe into the CBD world and ensure you are using it properly to treat your ailments.”

Some products launched under this range are:

DREAM is a natural sleep aid product made from a proprietary blend and helps with sleeplessness and insomnia. It helps patients in correcting their altered sleep cycle.

CHILL is a stress buster created to reduce anxiety and stabilize mood swings naturally. It is a natural way to relieve tension and give a sense of well-being to users without any ill effect.

FOCUS is a brain empowerment drug developed to improve memory, focus, clarity, and attention. In this era of the data revolution, one is bombarded by information overload and find it hard to stay on track. FOCUS will help to maintain a healthy brain and be more productive.

RESTORE is a blend of natural ingredients created to improve cartilage health. It reduces pain, increasing joint movement, and is used to cure arthritis symptoms.

Most of the hemp-based products are supplied with cheap filler ingredients, while the number of consumers seeking those has grown at a rapid pace over the year. The products developed by HEMPAVIDA are tested by a 3rd party are of high-quality premium. HEMPAVIDA products are available on Amazon and on its website HEMPAVIDA.com.

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